Monday, November 28, 2016

Website Review

Last year I used many different math websites in my classroom before I started using Moby Max. This was one of my favorites. The website is broken down by grade level, and within each grade level there is a link to different subject areas. I really enjoy the math because it is broken down into each skill we teach and its so easy to put a student on the computer to work on the exact skill they are having trouble with. It is a lot like Moby Max, but I think it more specifically targets each skill. It also reads questions to them which is really helpful in first grade. It keeps up with the percentage they get correct and how many problems they have worked on. I will probably start using it again after Christmas on some of mine who seem to be getting a little burnt out on Moby Max.
IXL's skills are also aligned to the Standards of Excellence and the Georgia Pre-K Program Content Standards. You can also view student progress towards standards. The reports in the standards center allow you to see what standards have been mastered, and what standards students are still having trouble with.

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