Sunday, November 27, 2016

Session 4 & 6- FCRR

After reading the FCRR presentation I wish I would've saved my last post for this one. I just did not realize in pre-k how important those foundation skills are. If students don't have that foundation to build upon then they are really going to struggle. The presentation also gave me some really great ideas of things I could do with some of my students this year who still lack that foundation.
This year we started using Saxon Phonics as our phonics instruction. I know this program has been around a long time, and many of the teachers I teach with have taught this program before. This is my first experience with it but I do feel like I am already starting to see improvements that I didn't see last year. With this program they learn to code the words with macrons and breves, they also code digraphs, suffixes, etc. This is something I do not remember learning how to do in elementary school, so I am learning as they learn, but I am already seeing so much improvement in some of my struggling readers.

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